Outdoor games for children

The role of play in the formation and development of the child cannot be overestimated. It is in the game that the child learns the world around him, its laws, learns to live by the rules. All children love to move, jump, jump, run a race. Outdoor games with rules are a conscious, active activity of the child, which is characterized by the timely and accurate completion of tasks related to the rules that are binding on all participants. An outdoor game is a kind of exercise with which children prepare for life.

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Outdoor games are of great importance in the life of a child, as they are an indispensable means for a child to gain knowledge and ideas about the world around him. They also influence the development of thinking, ingenuity, dexterity, dexterity, moral-volitional qualities. Outdoor games for children strengthen physical health, teach life situations, help the child get the right development.

Outdoor games for younger preschoolers

Preschoolers in play tend to imitate everything they see. In the outdoor games of kids, as a rule, it is not communication with peers that manifests itself, but a reflection of the life that adults or animals live. Children at this age are happy to fly like sparrows, jump like bunnies, flap their arms like butterflies with wings. Due to the developed ability to imitate, most of the outdoor games of children of primary preschool age have a plot character.

The content of outdoor games for young children 3-4, 4-5 years old in kindergarten is aimed at developing types of movement: running, jumping, climbing.

Purpose: to develop physical activity

Description: before starting the game, you must choose a driver – “cat”. The cat chooses a “stove” for himself (it can serve as a bench or a chair), sits on it and closes his eyes. All other participants join hands and begin to dance around the cat with the words:

  • Mice lead a round dance,
  • A cat naps on the stove.
  • Quiet mouse, don’t make noise
  • Don’t wake cat Vaska
  • Here Vaska the cat wakes up –

Will break our round dance!

During the last words, the cat stretches, opens its eyes and starts chasing mice. The caught participant becomes a cat, and the game starts over.

Sun and rain game

Tasks: to teach children to find their place in the game, navigate in space, develop the ability to perform actions at the signal of the teacher.

Description: Children sit in the hall on chairs. The chairs are their “home”. After the words of the teacher: “What good weather, go for a walk!”, The guys get up and start moving in an arbitrary direction. As soon as the teacher says: “It’s raining, run home!”, The children should run to the chairs and take their place. The teacher says “Drip – drop – drop!”. Gradually, the rain subsides and the teacher says: “Go for a walk. The rain is over!”

Game “Sparrows and a cat”

Tasks: to teach children to jump off gently, bending their knees, run, dodge the driver, run away, find their place.

Description: Circles are drawn on the ground – “nests”. Children – “sparrows” sit in their “nests” on one side of the site. On the other side of the site is a “cat”. As soon as the “cat” dozes off, the “sparrows” fly out onto the road, fly from place to place, looking for crumbs, grains. The “cat” wakes up, meows, runs after the sparrows, which should fly to their nests.

First, the role of the “cat” is played by the teacher, then one of the children.

Mobile game “Sparrows and car”

Another game for children 3-5 years old about sparrows.

Tasks: to teach children to run in different directions, start moving or change it at the signal of the leader, find their place.

Description: Children are “sparrows”, sitting in their “nests” (on a bench). The teacher depicts a “car”. As soon as the teacher says: “The sparrows flew onto the path,” the children rise from the bench and begin to run around the playground. At the signal of the educator: “The car is driving, fly the sparrows to their nests!” – the “car” leaves the “garage”, and the children must return to the “nests” (sit on the bench). The “car” returns to the “garage”.

We have developed for you a selection of 28 cards of outdoor games. You can buy them online and print them. With cards, organizing children’s games will be easier and more fun.

Game “Cat and Mice”

There are many games for children with cats and mice as participants. Here is one of them.

Tasks: This outdoor game helps to develop in children the ability to perform movement on a signal. Practice running in different directions.

Description: Children – “mice” sit in minks (on chairs along the wall). In one of the corners of the site sits a “cat” – a teacher. The cat falls asleep, and the mice scatter around the room. The cat wakes up, meows, starts catching mice that run into the holes and take their places. When all the mice return to their burrows, the cat once again walks around the room, then returns to its place and falls asleep.