Why is airsoft better than paintball?

Any passion for life and desire for extreme sports can be washed down with beer and forgotten while lying on the couch. However, impulses for battle, war, and hunting remain in the heart of every man and sometimes make themselves felt. For this, such a type of outdoor activity as airsoft was created. Someone will say that besides him there is a paintball or even a hardball? Well, let’s try to figure out how comparable these activities are, whether shooting with paint can quench the thirst for wrestling, and in general, which of these types of outdoor activities is better.

Airsoft in Belarus, as well as paintball, has been developed for a long time. The game has a considerable number of fans, grows with new players and leaves good prospects for its development. But, importantly, a rare airsoft player goes into paintball. More often the opposite happens. A person, having shot paintballs, wants to try something more entourage, corresponding to real combat operations, and pays attention to airsoft.

The main difference between the two games is the weapons.

A paintball marker is a type of pneumatic weapon that contains a cylinder of air, more often it is nitrogen or carbon dioxide, and a compartment with balls. Such a device bears little resemblance to a real weapon and, the saddest thing, due to its design, does not allow for particularly targeted shooting. As a rule, paintball players make a test shot and, depending on the flight of the projectile, adjust their shooting “on the air”, which, you see, is not very practical.

As for the main technical characteristics of the marker, the range is on average 30 meters, the rate of fire is 5-30 rounds per second. True, these indicators depend on the quality of the paintball weapon.

In addition, moving around with a marker is not always convenient due to its bulkiness.

Airsoft guns are more of a downside. It is the drives, as the players themselves call them, that are the pride of airsoft.

Everything in this concept corresponds to real samples. Assault rifles, pistols, rifles and even shotguns have a strong resemblance to real weapons, and in everything: weight, material, dimensions, there is even recoil.

Airsoft guns are sometimes difficult to distinguish from real ones in close proximity.

Also, tactical and technical characteristics look much more priority. The firing range, for example, can reach 100 meters, and it is quite possible to conduct aimed fire at the enemy at a distance of 30 meters. In addition, this weapon is less whimsical to difficult conditions. Airsoft is also successfully practiced in winter, and shooting from airsoft at any time is stable and accurate.

The second point in comparison is safety. You don’t have to go far, according to American insurance companies, airsoft is less dangerous than football, tennis and even golf. They shoot here more often with balls weighing 0.2-0.25 grams, and with proper protection (especially the face), nothing terrible threatens the player. In paintball, the balls weigh 0.6 grams, which is about 2-3 times heavier. Accordingly, you can compare hitting a person with a larger pebble and a smaller pebble. Which one is better is up to you.

Environment and atmosphere

As for these abstract, but important concepts. Paintball is more of a sport saturated with bright colors of short-term attacks, it is a small area with refereeing and spectators. This game is more likely for those who want to try something new, unusual, albeit for once, although, of course, there are regular players.

This is fun and competition, slightly reminiscent of a school sports day, only with a more interesting instrument. Definitely, paintball gives the participants a lot of positive emotions and drive, a kind of way to get away from the daily routine in the face of a gray city and monotonous work. Perhaps that is why frequent guests of paintball clubs are corporate companies.

Airsoft – looks more towards a serious hobby, hobbies for a long time, rather than one-time outings. Airsoft players are more seriously ill, in a good way, with their occupation than paintball players. There are several reasons for this:

Firstly, this is a greater correspondence to the fighting, of course, that many men are captivated by this.

Secondly, this is a great springboard for creativity. Here it becomes possible to model some troops, improve both the internal and external properties of your weapons in the form of various optics, grenade launchers, etc. Not to mention additional equipment like pistols, grenades, walkie-talkies, etc.

Thirdly, airsoft is a tactical game. It is unlikely that she will ever seem monotonous. There is always an opportunity to try a new scenario. In addition, battles can stretch for many hours or even days, which can definitely drag out enthusiastic people even more.

Airsoft, perhaps, provides more opportunities for variety and creativity in the game.

Although, as they say, tastes differ, so it’s up to you which side of the barricades to stand on.

In addition, airsoft in Minsk, as well as paintball, is developed quite widely, so there will be no difficulties with organizing the game.

p.s.: In conclusion, a short video about the same Airsoft:

The difference between airsoft and paintball. What is better airsoft or paintball?
Paintball contains less demanding and capricious terms of equipment and weapons that leave marks. Due to this, this game has a high-tech and bright packaging, it is considered a full-fledged commercial sport. Paintball is very common among ordinary people, which attracts beginners who want to actively relax and have fun.

Airsoft is an entourage dynamic game that introduces you to the military style. It is generally accepted that it is played by “real men” and reenactors. Airsoft is interested in people who want to shoot from close to “real” weapons, feel the atmosphere of real military operations. And what is better airsoft or paintball – it’s up to you!

If you still liked the description of the airsoft game and want to try it, study the articles that I have given above, this is the base that will help you in the first games.

What is this game and what is the difference between airsoft and paintball?
The birthplace of airsoft is Japan. After the Second World War, Japan did not have the right to weapons and military exercises. The cunning Japanese, in order to somehow support their self-defense skills, invented a “toy” weapon that fires plastic bullets and quite legally engaged in military training. Now this game has spread far beyond Japan and is very popular in our country.